Greenhouse Video Tour

Recently a friend asked if I would like to do a greenhouse video tour for his Youtube channel and I thought it would be a good chance to share some plants with minimal effort. So without further ado here are the two videos.


Thanks for doing the video Brad!

Good growing!



Drosera hamiltonii Flower!

It is finally open! After nearly two months of waiting the first flowers are finally open.

Drosera hamiltonii is a West Australian species that is extremely easy to grow but very strict in its needs to flower. Without cool wet winters with a reduced photoperiod they won’t ever flower. So an unheated greenhouse suits them very well and I really didn’t have to do anything other then watch it grow. The flowers are some of the largest in the genus.

This is my largest plant but there is also another one coming into flower in the next few days. The other dozen or more should flower next year.


Good Growing!


True Claret

I’ve been busy selling plants and packing orders but I thought I would post a couple plants over the next few days. This one is always an eye catcher in the greenhouse. 

This clone is Mike King’s F25C the clone he believes is Adrian Slack’s original S. ‘Claret’ 

And this one is 25a/b and although it is highly likely it’s the same one it like to keep the separate. 


Flower Power

I was out of town and didn’t get to the greenhouse for 9 days and the difference was amazing. The flava, alata, oreophila and some hybrids are all open now. These flowers where buds the size of my pinky nail when I left and I can into the greenhouse to see these. Hard to show how large they really are compared to the other flowers. This one is S. flava var. maxima from Horry Co. South Carolina.
Good growing! 


I’m a few days late but the start of spring is officially here! I thought I would throw these both into the same post. The first pitcher of the year opened last week on March 15th and the first flower of the year was on March 20th, both on Sarracenia flava var. rugelii from Bulloch Co. GA


Lots more flowers to come! 

Darlingtonia Repotting

Well the repotting is slowly getting done and I’m down to just the rubra complex.

Yesterday I started out with doing my small collection of Darlingtonia and I’m happy with how they turned out. This single 10″ pan became five 10″ pans and an 8″ pan. Along with some other plants I have 13+ flowers this year, a jump from 4 last year. 

When I first potted these up I used pure Sphagnum moss but this time I added some handfuls of perlite to get some more air at the roots and make repotting easier next time. Looking forward to this years show!    


Wind and Rain

Well there hasn’t much to report here up until now. After the greenhouse got repotted I haven’t found any time to start the outdoor plants.

Over the last two days I’ve managed to tackle some of the outdoor plants as well as some much needed repairs. I managed to repair the some holes in the hydro tables, unfortunately no pictures from today as after an hour of just being cold it began to pour rain with very strong winds (We’re under a severe wind warning). With the terrible weather I managed to get all the Cephs, Flytraps, Temperature Drosera and Temerate Pinguicula all done, even if I was soaked by the end. Next stop Darlingtonia and Sarracenia.

On the plus side the greenhouse has still been toasty warm most days with the little bit of sun we’ve been getting. Something super cool is coming into flower this year too. Although fairly common and not the “dewiest” species around Drosera hamiltonii has some good traits. It doesn’t flower very easily but when it does WOW. Can’t wait for this to fully develope. What most people don’t realize is this plant needs it cool during the winter with a reduced photoperiod, it is far from being a tropical Drosera!


Cheap Benches

Coming up to this spring I knew I was going to need space for all of the divions. I had some extra hydroponic trays kicking around that needed to be repaired and thought it would be easier on the trays if they were on a flat surface (as oppose to just sitting on the ground). I wanted to make something easy, fast and cheap and came up with this idea. I had some beat up 2×6 I could use so I picked up 3 pallets (one was already an 8 foot pallet) from my local hydro store, turned them face down and screwed the 2×6 to the sides of the pallets. I then cut legs for the two benches, attached the first set and got my wonderful wife to hold the table up (with a level) while I attached the second legs. I didn’t bother adding side support as the tables are up against a cement wall but it would be been no work at all to add a couple extra pieces. Overall I’m very happy, it was actually faster and easier to build these trays level then it was to level the dirt out for my other trays. In the future I’ll probably level out all my trays this way and just put little 8 inch legs on them. 

One bench is already full of divions so I hope the second will handle the rest. 


Greenhouse: Check! 

After several days of repotting I’m now finished repotting the entire greenhouse. After the greenhouse got repotted I inventoried all the plants and took out the extra plants for sale and kept a second backup division if I didn’t already have one. This was just in time as we’ve had several very warm and sunny days which really got the plants going. There was only a small handful of plants with flowers showing but now a week later every plant has flowers showing and some are 6 inches up! Even for us this is pretty early. 

This year I also decided to switch up the location of some of the plants, the seedlings got moved into the corner that is difficult to reach because it will be much easier to keep an eye on them compared to tall plants which block the view to the far side. Last year I also ran into the problem of way too many plants during the middle of the season, at first it was fine but as the plants got fuller they started to shade each other out. This year I’ve started with nicely spaced plants that won’t need to be moved mid-season.  

Now for the outdoor plants! 

S. leucophylla ‘Tarnok’  
S. flava var. rugelii Bulloch Co. GA 

Good growing,


Greenhouse Nights

It’s a catch 22 when you put lights in a greenhouse. On one hand you can have a beer in the greenhouse and geek out any time of the day. On the other you loose the excuse that it’s too dark to work any longer. It’s amazing how well one little light can light up the greenhouse. It’s still be nice out and I’ve been leaving the repotted plants outside so the greenhouse is looking a little empty in this picture.